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UAS Manufacturers

If you manufacture Unmanned Aircraft, Legion Training and Simulation can work with you in several areas to not only support your program but enhance your sales!

» Training Suites  «

Legion Training and Simulation can work with your firm to provide a true, cost-effective Turn Key solution for your customers that are interested in an in-house training capability!  Our VENOM UAS Training Suite can be configured to match the flight and operating characteristics of your platform (based on the parametrics you provide to us), allowing your customer to "fly" your UAS - whenever they wish - in a synthetic environment that replicates how the platform would perform in any given environment, such as specific weather conditions, day or night!

In conjunction with our optional Instructor Operations Station (IOS), your customer's Trainer / Facilitator can inject - in real time during training sessions - any number of changes to the training event, including a variety of platform malfunctions and extreme changes in weather.  This type of training capability enhances not only the value of the training itself, but also assists in the development and refinement of their Emergency and Operational procedures.  When coupled with our capabiliity to provide realistic, mission-specific training scenarios/vignettes, the Trainer / Facilitator also has full control of all events through the IOS, and further enhances your customer's ability to develop effective Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.

Legion Training and Simulation will work closely with your company to ensure that the Flight Models developed for your platform are of the highest caliber and accurately simulate your platform's flight performance characteristics, regardless of type, size or class!  This includes aerodynamic and engine forces and moments, equations of motion, platform sensors, control surface actuation, and flight control laws for fixed-wing and rotor-type platforms (quad, octo, helo, etc.), combustion engine or battery-powered!  (Any proprietary or competition-sensitive data will be fully protected and never released to any other party.) 


» Ground Control Station Options «

GCS Overview Graphic

Each VENOM or NEMESIS UAS Training Suite comes pre-configured with our high fidelity custom Ground Control Station (GCS), provided exclusively by IData Visual Systems, a business unit of ENSCO Avionics Inc., ready to be modified to meet the Flight Control and Platform Operating Parameters for your UAS customers.  The GCS can be configured in a desktop or laptop ("ruggedized", if required) footprint, conforms to DO-178B/C standards and provides a complete range of mission planning and control capabilities, which includes fully autonomous Flight Mission Planning (Takeoff to Landing) via an intuitive, customizable interface, or full Manual Flight Control capabilities!  If your firm is in need of a GCS for your UAS platform, please Contact Us for further information!

Legion Training and Simulation can also integrate your UAS platform's USB-based handheld Flight Controller with our training suites.  Contact Us to learn more!


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