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Legion Training and Simulation provides a unique blend and wide variety of training services focused on the Modeling & Simulation and Aviation industries.  In conjunction with our simulation products, VENOM and NEMESIS, we can design mission-specific training materials and high-fidelity, ultra-realistic scenarios that enhance your organization's overall effectiveness in the employment of Unmanned Systems supporting Law Enforcement, Border Protection, Disaster Response, Emergency Management, or Utility Monitoring / Inspection operations!  For Military application, NEMESIS scenarios can fully support most any mission area needed.

Scenario Development  «

VENOM or NEMESIS scenarios / vignettes are tailored to fully satisfy your training requirements - We will work closely with your Subject Matter Experts and training staff during the Needs Analysis phase throughout the entire process until final delivery!  All of our scenarios include a detailed Master Scenario Events List, or "MSEL", a chronological timeline of expected actions and scripted events. 

Scenarios / vignettes can be developed to replicate any type of training event - from very simple to extremely complex!  This includes alternative or branching events that, with the optional Instructor Operations Station, can be seamlessly launched at specific points within the main scenario based on student actions.  This allows for an enhanced training environment that is flexible, modular and capable of meeting your training objectives!

Our 3D Model Database is one of the most extensive available and includes high fidelity, fully articulated models developed by a firm known internationally for its 3D content for real-time simulation models!

VENOM and NEMESIS MSEL Booklet Graphic
» Training Development  «

Legion Training and Simulation
can assist in the development of high quality training materials, both in hard and softcopy formats tailored specifically to your UAS program, which includes the full spectrum of Flight Planning, Operations, and Emergency Procedures. 

» Concept of Operations Development  «

Legion Training and Simulation can develop a full Concept of Operations (CONOP), Flight and Test Range Operations and Management procedures as well as comprehensive Safety / Risk Mitigation plans if your organization plans to, or is currently operating Unmanned Systems for testing purposes, whether privately or as one of the upcoming Federal Aviation Administration's UAS Test Sites.  This includes developing blended procedures for Test / Training Range Operations that consist of both civilian and military airspace! 

» Consulting «

Legion Training and Simulation can provide a full range of consulting services to assist your organization in acquiring Unmanned Systems to meet your needs, as well as a full range of Manned Aircraft Simulators, both Fixed-wing and Helicopters!  We have established strategic relationships with several International firms specializing in custom flight simulators that are state-of-the-art, extremely cost-effective, and integratable with our synthetic database for the ultimate solution in realistic simulation-based training!

»» Turnkey Training Solutions for UAS Manufacturers ««

If your firm manufactures UAS Platforms, regardless of size, type or class, we offer the unique capability to integrate our low-cost synthetic environment with your Platform, Ground Control Station, and Sensor Payload that can be offered to your customers as a fully integrated platform and training solution!  Our GCS is also DO-178B certified and we can easily configure the GCS for actual UAS Flight Operations - Many options are available to meet your requirements! - For more information, Please Click Here!

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